1960 Born in İstanbul,Turkey.
1982 BA, Bogazici University, Psychology
2009 MFA, İstanbul Bilgi University, Visual Communication Design


2016 I Own You
SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2013 Silver Planet
SANATORIUM, Istanbul2013 Portfolio Series 2
Plato Sanat, Istanbul2011 "New Age" (photography), including the series Perfection Takes Time (I Will Be Beautiful One Day);
2008 "Leftovers" (photography) Yan Gastrobar, Istanbul
2006 "81st Street" (video and projection design for theater), Istanbul State Theater, Istanbul
2003 "The Picture of my Life" (photography) Istanbul Biennial, Meetings at the Room, Kuledibi, Istanbul
2002 "Get Closer!" (photography) Atatürk Culture Center, İzmir / Context:Europe 2002 Art Festival, Theate
2002 "Ticket" (photography) New Balkan Photography Festival, Iliois Art Center, Thessaloniki
2001 "Ticket" (photography) Istanbul Stock Exchange Art Gallery, Istanbul
1999 "Dream-mill" (text&photography) İFSAK Istanbul Photography Days, Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul
1997 "There are no Such Pictures" (textual photography) Eklisia Art Gallery, Gümüşlük, Muğla
1997 "The Sleep" (performance), Istanbul Performance Days, The Ottoman Mint, Istanbul
1997 "A Photography Exhibition (happening, performed by Özgür Erkekli), The Ottoman Mint, Istanbul
1997 "Umbra" (photographic shadow theatre, with Figen Evren), Istanbul Slide Show Days, Italian Culture
1995 "Stolen Dreams" (photography, performed by Merih Atalay), Informatics Congress, Istanbul
1993 "Renk’arnasyon" (early digital photography) Aksanat, Istanbul
1989 "Soft" (photography), Vakkorama, Istanbul
1988 "Familiaria" (photography) Refo Photography Gallery, Istanbul


2014 "Sublime", SANATORIUM, Istanbul
2014 Contemporary Istanbul, SANATORIUM, İstanbul
2013 Contemporary Istanbul, SANATORIUM, İstanbul
2013 Vienna Fair, SANATORIUM, Vienna
2013 "Past and Future", Main selection from Istanbul Modern’s collection. Curator: Levent Çalıkoğlu. Ist
2012 "Encounters: Turkish Contemporary Art in Korea", Curator: Hasan Bülent Kahraman. Insadong, Seul, Ko
2012 "Museum Inside a Museum", Curator: Fırat Arapoğlu. Proje4L / Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istan
2012 "After Yesterday, A selection from the photography collection" Curator: Engin Özendes. Istanbul Mode
2012 "Ali's Koço", Milli Reasürans Art Gallery, Istanbul
2012 "Reality Terror, Depo, İstanbul
2012 "Museum Inside a Museum", Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul
2012 "After Yesterday", A selection from the photography collection of Istanbul Modern, Istanbul Museum o
2012 "Dwelling in Kadıköy", Asfalt Gallery, Istanbul
2011 "Becoming Istanbul", Salt Beyoglu, Istanbul
2011 "Abuse", SANATORIUM, Istanbul
2011 "Dear Don’t Please!" (In collaboration with Fırat Arapoğlu – International Art Critics Association A
2011 "Re-Degeneration" (with photographic work Me&Ma and performance/artist talk: Don’t Talk, I’m Busy),
2011 "Back Home", SANATORIUM/ Güzelyalı Culture Center Art Gallery, Izmir
2011 “Crossing the Bridge” Japan / Turkey, Design Festa Galeri, Tokyo
2010 "Invisible Play" (with performance: Practicing Satie, and photography series If there is a gun on st
2010 " No Rules" (A Selection from Contemporary Turkish Photography) SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 "ID’s Please", Cermodern Center of Contemporary Art, Ankara
2010 "Tourist (in)Formation", Gallery K2, Izmir
2010 "Not a Lens But a Prism", Contemporary Turkish Photography (with selections from Proximity andPerfec
2010 "Women who Run with the Wolves" (with selections from The Picture of my Life project), Galerie Stimu
2009 "Temporary Harassment" (with the Proximity series), Travelling exhibition at municipality galleries
2009 "Le Pont – Photos de Galata" Bridge6, L’Orangerie, Paris. Part of Saison de la Turqie exhibitions
2008 "See What You Can Do", Play Studio, Istanbul
2008 Performance Time 08 (with performance Practicing Bach), GalataPerform, Istanbul
2007 "Overtures" (with the Fortuna series), Proje 4L – Elgiz Modern Art Museum, Istanbul
2007 Back to the Core (performance and photography), Garanti Platform, Istanbul
2007 Brid6e; Photographers of Galata, Istanbul Modern Art Museum, Istanbul