1973 Born in Paris, Fransa
- Master Diploma: The light and its artefacts / Video & Multimedia
- Duperré Applied Arts High School - Paris - Qualified


2016 News From Nowhere
SANATORIUM, Istanbul2015 Soft Error
Plateforme Gallery, Paris, France2015 Inside
Duo with Ludovic Bernhardt, IIC, New Delhi, India 2015 Domestic
ÜÇTAKSİMSEKİZ, Istanbul, Turkey. 2014 Eden - The End
SANATORIUM, Istanbul2012 I Don’t Remember
SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2010 Partition
Chapal Factory, Paris, France 2008 Soudain L’été Dernier
Chapal Factory, Montreuil, Paris, France 2007 Kakémonos
Chapal Factory, Montreuil, Paris, France


2019 Artificial Bloom
Curated by Melih Aydemir, SANATORIUM, Istanbul2019 Fragments of a Hologram Rose
curated by Luz Blanco & Ludovic Bernhardt SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2018-2019 Genèses
With Orlan, Thomas Bayrle, Nicolas Schneider, Osman Dinc. Curators: The Sloughis. Aedaen Gallery, Strasbourg, France2017 Artissima Art Fair, Turin
With Studio Montespechhio, Italy, Turin, Italy2017 Wiennachten
With the SCAG Gallery (Vienna), Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland2017 Vienna Contemporary
SANATORIUM, Vienna, Austria2017 MAD, Multiple Art Days
With (Global)*Z, in La Maison Rouge, Paris, France2015 Contemporary Istanbul
SANATORIUM, Istanbul2015 Art Paris
SANATORIUM, Paris, France2014 Contemporary Istanbul
SANATORIUM, Istanbul 2014 Sublime
SANATORIUM, Istanbul2013 Contemporary İstanbul
SANATORIUM, Istanbul2013 Vienna Fair
SANATORIUM, Vienna, Austria 2013 SANATORIUM to Okan
Okan University, Istanbul


2019 - 2017 Missing, artist book / (Global)*Z, 2017
Exhibited with Studio Montespecchio at: > a collection of books made by women artists, 20192019 ARCO
Madrid, Spain2019 New York Book And Ephemera Fair
New York, United States2017 Creation of an Art Piece of Jewelry
Curated by THE SLOUGHIS, Italy2017 ARTISSIMA
Turin, Italy2017 Vanitas, Artist Jewellery
Curators: The Sloughis. Exhibited in Strasbourg, France2015 Graphic Journalism, «Internazionale» Magazine
Italy2013 Graphic Journalism, «Internazionale» Magazine