1975 date of birth
- Le Fresnoy, Contemporary Art National Studio, qualified – Teacher: Sarkis, France
- Duperré High school of art, Qualified – Paris, France


2016 The Dormant Colony
SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2015 Inside
Exhibition with Luz Blanco, IIC, New Delhi, India2015 Domestic
Uçtaksimsekiz Project, Istanbul, Turkey2014 Drones, pills & yantras
SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2013 Rank 1+1
With Can Ertaş, Plateforme Gallery, Paris, France 2011 Maps
SANATORIUM, Istanbul ,Turkey2010 Extinction, Chapal Factory
Montreuil, Paris, France2009 Ruins #2
French and Portuguese Institut, Lisbon, Portugal2008 Art Range
REPUBLIC DESIGN, Mycroft Gallery, Paris, France2008 The Last Days of Pompei
Crous Beaux-Art Gallery, Paris, France1998 Tabula Rasa I
Studio National Des Arts Contemporains Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France


2020 Sugar of the east
La Box Gallery, École nationale supérieure d'art de Bourges, curated by Ferenc Gróf2020 Cibler le vivant
Centre d'art contemporain Tignous, Montreuil, France curated by Samantha Beck2019 Fragments of a Hologram Rose
curated by Luz Blanco & Ludovic Bernhardt SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2017 Wiennachten
Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland. With the SCAG Gallery (Vienna, Austria)2017 MAD, Multiples Art Days
La Maison Rouge, With Plateforme Gallery, Paris, France2017 Invited To Present The Novel La Colonie Endormie In Space Oddity
MDA Créteil, Paris, France2017 Invited by Cari Gonzales-Casanova For Her Project At Villa Arson, For Go Canny
Nice, France2016 SUPERGRAVITY
Plateforme, Paris, France2016 MAD Multiple Art Days
La Maison Rouge, Paris, France2015 Inside
With Luz Blanco, IIC, New Delhi, India2015 Blasted
Beton7, Athens, Greece2014 Against Reality!
Plateforme Gallery, Paris, France2014 Sublime
SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2014 Public Domain
Milkshake Agency, Geneva, Switzerland2014 Sublime
SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2013 Hyphologie
SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2013 Digital Texture
9 Crosses, Mona Digital Web Exhibition, Shanghai, China2013 SANATORIUM to Okan
Okan University Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition Space, Istanbul, Turkey2010 Flagpole
Plateforme Gallery, Paris, France2009 Etre au Monde
Montreuil Gallery, Paris, France2009 Military drawings
Kobel Gallery Project, London, England2008 Rockets
Kobel Gallery Project, London, England2008 Tabula Rasa I
Chapal Factory, Montreuil, Paris, France2008 Tabula rasa II
Chapal Factory, Montreuil, Paris, France2007 Paris-Berlin
Collective Exhibition, Photographs and Text, Espace Cerise, Paris, France1999-2000 Tabula Rasa I - Panorama Des Productions 2
Studio National des Arts Contemporains Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France


2013 Global*Zoviet
Artist Book, Limited Edition2013 100 Medals
5 Artist Books, Limited Edition2002 Icons / Pondichéry
Artistic Research In India : Political Iconography In India and In Tibet, Sponsoring and supporting by Paris cultural department and La Maison des metallos2000 Transcription
Artist Book, Edition/500, Publisher: Le Fresnoy- Photographs Project
Matra Lanceur Aérospace Les Mureaux, Ariane Rocket Factory, Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains Le Fresnoy