2004 Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting


2018 "Dream Logic"
Curated by Özgül Kılınçarslan, SANATORIUM, Istanbul2014 "What If"
Alan Istanbul, Istanbul2012 "BirdDay"
Pi Art Works, (Mısır apt.), Istanbul2010 "A Country With Three Diverse Cities"
Outlet Gallery, Istanbul2008 "DDR Diskografi"
MASA Project - Apartman Project, Istanbul2006 "Circle"
K2 Contemporary Art Center, Izmir2004 "That's The City"
K2 Contemporary Art Center, Izmir


2019 ''Intergalactic''
Curated by İpek Yeğinsü, Anna Laudel, Istanbul2018 "Atelier am Eck"
Participated in the exhibition curated by Ulrike Moeschel, Dusseldorf, Germany2017 "Komşu Galaksiler"
Curated by İpek Yeğinsü, side show of the 15th Istanbul Biennial, Galeri Bu, Istanbul2017 "The Dialogues I - A Collection of Turkish Contemporary Art"
MANA Contemporary, New York, USA2016 "Deck Voyage"
Participated in the collection exhibition curated by DR. Necmi Sönmez, Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul2016 "Unexpected Territories"
Curated by Rafet Arslan, TUYAP, Istanbul2016 “Stay With Me"
MOM Art Space, Hamburg, Germany2016 "Stay With Me"
DE KIJKDOOS, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands2015 "Stay With Me"
Organized by Selda Asal, within the scope of the project “Im Inneren Stadt” in collaboration with GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Künstlerhaus Bremen and Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen, Lloydhof, Bremen, Germany2015 "Başka Bir Dünyanın Zarafeti"
Art Sumer, Istanbul2014 "Plurivocality"
Curators: Çelenk Bafra, Levent Çalıkoğlu, Istanbul Modern Museum, Istanbul2013 "…with all the changes that loomed far behind the horizon"
Curator: Borga Kantürk, Mars Gallery, Istanbul 2013 "Dream Woven Within A Dream"
Asfalt Gallery, Istanbul2012 "Who Left What Behind"
Ankara Contemporary Art Centre, Ankara2012 "Coca-Cola Red Collection"
Istanbul2012 “In The Topography of The Irregular Mind”
Roumeli Han, Istanbul2011 "Özyeğin University Contemporary Art Collection"
Istanbul2011 "ArtBeat"
Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre, Istanbul2011 "Kargaşa 11"
Kargart, Istanbul2011 "UBIK"
Hayata Artı, Istanbul2010 "Mind Models: The First Show"
The Borusan Music House, Istanbul2010 "Emploi-Saisonnier"
Sextant et Plus, Marseille, France2010 "Lives And Works In Istanbul"
Antrepo no.5, Istanbul2010 ”10th Year Exhibition”
KASA Gallery, Istanbul 2009 “Relative Position and Conclusion”
Suriye Pasajı, Istanbul2009 "Material Picture"
American Hospital’s Art Gallery, Operation Room, Istanbul2008 "DDR Diskografi"
MASA Project - Apartment Project_ Istanbul2008 "I Reject to be Normal"
Outlet Gallery, Istanbul2007 "Hope is a Good Thing"
Atelier Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany2007 "Istanbul Biennial"
Curated by Hou Hanru, Special Projects, K2 Artists Initiative participation, Santralistanbul, Istanbul2006 "Circle"
K2 Contemporary Art Center (room exhibition), Izmir2006 "One Minute Film & Video Festival"
Switzerland2005 "Other’s Chance"
K2 Contemporary Art Center, Izmir2005 "New Suggestions, New Proposals"
Borusan Gallery, Istanbul2005 "A Little Break, Activity of Universiade"
K2 Contemporary Art Center, Izmir2005 "One Minute Film & Video Festival"
Switzerland2005 "The Little, The Cheap, The Trash And Absolutely Passionate"
HIAP Studios, Helsinki, Finland2005 "Alice vs. Alice"
Kasa Gallery, Istanbul2004 "The Nude Leaving The Place"
K2 Contemporary Art Center, Izmir2004 "The City-Engraver"
KUTU v.1 (Portable Art Gallery), Izmir


2018 "Gastatelier des Landes NRW"
Kulturampt Landeshaupstadt, Dusseldorf, Germany2014 "Cité Internationale des Arts"
Paris, France 2013 "NGO NOVA"
Feminist Culture center, Podgorica, Montenegro2010 "Approach Art Association (Közelítés Művészeti Egyesület)"
Pécs, Hungary2009 "Sextante Et Plus"
Marseille, France2008-2010 "Borusan Sanat Merkezi"