0 dB

Photography artist Sergen Şehitoğlu seeks the noise within the silence with his exhibition; “0 dB”. Şehitoğlu’s lens pursues the moments of loneliness in which night and day complete one another.

Taking the fact that photography comprises narrative in its structure as his point of departure; Sergen Şehitoğlu, subtracts the human from his story. Consisting of photographs of unmanned places, “0 dB” feeds from the city’s darkest and most desolate parts. Using this solitary state as a chance, each vibration, and light – shadow play in Şehitoğlu’s photography remains in viewer’s mind as a dramatic element.  The feelings of exhaustion and weariness in an empty city portrait are evolved into a tense state of despair in “0 dB” exhibition. Şehitoğlu constructs his criticism of city by directly using the city as a material.  

In fact, “0 dB” expresses the limits of human perception rather than an absolute state of silence.  And after “0 dB”; the minimum value given to human hearing range, the sound of city is started to be heard. An empty land, an uncanny street, a highway without any cars... Through photography, Şehitoğlu invite his viewers to a different and secluded perception range.

The story presented to us by this perception begins and finishes in the shortest time intervals; when the night is the darkest and the day is the coldest.  The narrative in Şehitoğlu’s photography causes the photographs in “0 dB” series to complete each other in circularity like the night and day.  From the arrangement of the exhibition space to the same titled photography book that is supported by writer Hakan Bıçakcı’s story; Sergen Şehitoğlu aims to establish a parallel city named as; “0 dB”. Where the new perception range we enter  with “0 dB” starts;  also, Sergen Şehitoğlu’s photography universe begins.

The artist, born in 1980 in Istanbul, graduated from Yıldız Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department. Şehitoğlu continues his MA education in Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, Photography Department. Şehitoğlu who had his individual exhibitions in galleries such as; İ.F.M. Leica Gallery, Art Place Berlin, K2 and participated in various group exhibitions, still lives and works in Istanbul.