Yağız Özgen’s second solo exhibition “Tayf” meets the audience between September 13 – October 20, 2012 at Sanatorium.
Making reference to the structure of computers which function based on certain instruction set, the works in the exhibition bring to the fore the principles followed by units – that constitute a thing – when adjoining to each other, or the formation rules of the whole, rather than the units themselves or the whole itself obtained. These works simulate the nature of the digital language applicable to all systems containing in their body conditions such as equality, whole/piece relation and modularity, and manifest the formation processes of, particularly the digital, language.

Indicating that his principle aim is not to create a new iconography in the image world shaped by new technologies, the artist states that “basically, he reconstructs the basic principles of painting onto the discontinuous structure of the digital language while bringing into view the formation rules that generate a thing in the way it is.”

Yağız Özgen’s exhibition “Tayf/Spectrum” is open to visit at Sanatorium between September 13 – October 20, 2012.