Erol Eskici

"Thus, the subject is at the center of the work. “Construction of Generation” pursues this question in another way: It is another type of relationship with generation and social group. A collection of paintings hung symmetrically, building an almost anecdotal family stability; an apparent solidarity of subjects rejoined to the community that defines them. Perhaps it is the exposure of an ironic and macabre structure where the phallic space of the masculine construction goes with the dictated rules of the genealogy, from birth to death. The inevitability reigns in this set which can be humorous too: A simple ball (“Balloon Man” from “Construction of Generation” series), and a kind of breath (“Smokebreaths” from “Construction of Generation” series) make fun of this row of spectra (mostly male). Here again, the social content is painfully pressing on the back of the subject, who can presumably only murmur, or just let out a vaporous and formless cloud."
Total Institutions: Anamorphic Architectıre of Fascism 2014
Total Institutions: Sublime 2014
Total Institutions: Landscape 2014
Total Institutions: Fence Wall 2014