Farid Rasulov

I truly believe that art is the communication method that appeared at the very first stages of human civilization like music, choreography, performance etc. These all are bridges that human species use to develop communication and bring the latest information into the public, share the opinions, experiences and try to create discourse. Discourse is very beginning of the next updates where some conclusions come together and gives the birth to the new idea.

As an artist I stream around the waves and read the information that eventually turned into subjects. All I want to share based on my observation through the trip to different locations, reading and experiencing different kind of cultures, being in different canals of the waves. What I speak about are the topics all around us and we structured by them. What I want to speak about is the opinion that we never had before.

In my artistic practice I try putting straight questions and thus try to get straight answers to them. I try to find the most convenient way to organize close contact with audience by using the daily patterns and objects which help to build the straight communication. I try to find the position when the objects created by human will speak their own point of view, thus make all the culture creators to have alternative opinions and stories back from their intellectual products. I find every work of art very interactive in a way that it reflects the culture and history, subsequently reflects people themselves and their behavior.