Kerem Ozan Bayraktar


For the “Air Conditioners” series, I digitally removed windows from stock images of building façades to expose air-conditioning systems, gas pipes and cables. Erasure as a digital image manipulation technique, makes the remaining details of the image more visible. By using this technique, my goal is to reveal the closed systems in our habitat by removing the mask that conceals our struggle against natural conditions.

Although we frequently refer to the Planet Earth as our “home”, our bodily reactions to environmental circumstances suggest the opposite. As civil engineering and architectural projects demonstrate, our bodies are too fragile to survive under most conditions.

Especially before the 1990s, public housing projects did not entail air conditioners. Air conditioners were usually add-ons to old buildings. This resulted in a machine-like aesthetic in architecture. Today new buildings feature built-in air conditioners, which are out of sight.

Even though buildings evolve towards our needs, the result of these changes in architecture portrays an anti-humanistic picture. I intend to bring to fore this dystopian aesthetic in my Air Conditioners series.

Air Conditioners 2015
Air conditioners 2015
Air conditioners 2015
Air conditioners 2015