Ludovic Bernhardt

Ludovic Bernhardt is a visual artist and writer. He was born in France and is of Irish descent; he is currently living and working in Paris, after having worked in Istanbul and Lisbon. Just after being graduated from Le Fresnoy contemporary art Studio, (teacher: Sarkis) he spent several months in India in Indo-Tibetan Himalaya, Spiti valley & Dravidian Tamil Nadu, where he discovered Hinduism and Tibetan Art & Religion; then he started to create a work which focuses on geo-cultural identities, cartographies, and political signs. Since this period he has produced various installations, objects, paintings, texts and graphics - meditative diagrams, anxiolytics yantras, pills design, military codes, disturbed borders - to explore some psycho-geo-political problematics.
In parallel of his artworks, he investigates  novels and writing experimentations (with the French language), such as  The dormant colony, pasInversion or Topology of a dream (work in progress) novels.