Ludovic Bernhardt


Ludovic bernhardt’s solo exhibition drones, pills & yantras, aimed to draw attention to the post-industrial society’s some of the visual rituals. Medicines and pills packaging, military codes, liquid soap and drones film footages are used as signs which bio-politically infiltrate our daily life. Bernhardt mentions that “my aim is to combine various everyday objects and signs which frame politically the life of the ‘one dimensional man’, with a kind of subtraction of the material traces”. According to the artist, one of the main important problematic which underlie his works is the issue of how an ultra-protective environment can be connected with the political reality.

The pieces exhibited were very created under the strong influence and spirit of the books theory of the drone (Grégoire Chamayou, 2013) and the marxist wars of the global empire (Alain Joxe, 2013)

Preserve democracy 2016
Preserve democracy (detail) 2016
Drones dresser 2014
DroneSOAP 2014