Luz Blanco

« I don’t remember. »
For her exhibition at Sanatorium, Luz Blanco suggests a series of works of art that are orchestrated around the following sentence:
« I remember, I don’t remember, I think I remember, I don’t want to remember ».
The question of memory or recollection is a paradoxical one which involves that which we want memory to retain or not to retain, but which persists despite us. Additionally, memory can be compared to oblivion, sort of a sensitive balance, or rather a pure reconstruction of reality.
In this exhibition, memory expresses itself as an iconic work. With the help of these paradoxes Luz Blanco produces images as if they could capture fugitive memories. The drawings displayed are organized according to research carried out in history of cinema, a name and dateless history which is simply made up of some redesigned frames.
For Luz Blanco, cinema is a means of production of collective, heteroclite, dazzling and anonymous memories. It can be compared to the literary technique of cut-up, an experimentation which founds itself on fragmentation and the collage of texts, and is basically about dialectic montage.
These iconic fragments are formed through the association of sketches of narration which is the reason memory, as a reconstruction of reality, can happen.
Luz Blanco attempts to take us right into this very slit between memory and oblivion.
Blue # 1 2012
Blue # 2 2012
Blue # 3 2012
Blue # 4 2012
Blue # 5 2012
Blue # 6 2012
Blue # 7 2012
Blue # 8 2012
Blue # 9 2012
Blue # 10 2012
Blue # 11 2012