Merve Şendil

Within the space of a contemporary art gallery, the artist utilizes three-dimensional objects, painting and sound installation in order to create this new world in the form of a series of works that are at times surreal and at times mysterious. Each work functions individually while also operating as a part of the whole, in dialog with the other parts. Sharing a common memory with viewers and carrying over to contemporary art the sensations of fairy tales of especially western origin, this is a unique and special show unlike the ones we've encountered before. Alongside knittings and cable-sound installations as in her previous shows, Şendil also presents oil paintings on canvas, custom-designed ready-made sculptures and framed visual works that were also designed by her. In addition to showing works that emphasize the narrative dimension of the exhibition, the artist carefully avoids exaggerating the sizes of objects in order to keep the distance between fantasy and reality.This is possible at precisely the moment when “the things that hide in darkness” emerge faintly, like silhouettes.
Beginning 2009
Castle 2014
Royal Symphony 2014
Intergalactic 2014