Orhan Cem Çetin

In his last series ‘I Own You’, Orhan Cem Çetin presents close-up photographs of objects that we own without knowing or we have already forgotten that we own. Embracing us like a fragmented solid aura, these objects have already lost their functions and are destined to be dispersed to our surrounding at a nal point; objects that used to belong to someone else and will continue to pass
into other hands before they disappear forever. These photographs suggest that objects also have a life, when the scale is altered in their favour. Signs of erosion reveal that we cannot own anything in a single state and “owning” is a fabricated idea. Crystallised and no longer a coin, a blue disk looks liberated and on the run. Faded, erased and lost in composure, disappearance of people is now represented inside old photographs. Another consistency is the invasion of bers and linearity. Apparently aligning, composing lines and chains and breaking of these lines for the sake of new possibilities are the issues located in the core of existence and disappearance.
The Family 2016
I Do Not Know This Man 2016
I Do Not Know This Woman 2016
The Doctor 2016
Wedding Picture 2016
Blue Coin 2016