Orhan Cem Çetin

Orhan Cem Çetin in his series titled If God Permits, produces macro photographs of the extremities of tools “that provide us with space and ability” . As the tip is enlarged, it becomes more of an object itself, and the impossibility of reaching the tip, the end, the apex, the repeated reappearance of the tip and its extension towards infinity reminds us of Edmund Burke’s words, “the last extreme of littleness is in some measure sublime likewise.”   
However, the precondition to associate this series with the ‘Sublime’ is the fact that these tools, albeit to a certain extent, have been isolated from their functions; because function or use destroy the impact of power: When useful, Power is no longer Sublime.
On the other hand, in consideration of the problem of function, the tip of these tools is also the focus of our expectation from them: “…the point that will first touch any other surface, and will carry out the task we expect from the tool is the tip; it is the tool itself. The rest of the tool is a mechanical, biological heap that merely serves this tiny point.”  Thus, the tip of such objects, which could also be interpreted as a “fallic symbol” or a “masculine subject”, contains, as the centre of power, the idea of an inadequacy in advance, and the problem of impotence. The title of the series refers to this problem.
If God Permits #1 2014
If God Permits #2 2014
If God Permits #3 2014
If God Permits #4 2014
If God Permits #7 2014