Orhan Cem Çetin

While the speed of life is accelerating with a rhythm unbearable for the human mind, the response to this destructive speed, on the contrary, should probably be rather slow. One of the prominent figures of contemporary photography in Turkey, Orhan Cem Çetin, once again appears with his valiant style. Seemingly reaching a simplified, pure, straight visual style in his recent series, Çetin suddenly takes a sharp turn as though completing a cycle and presents new works which are much more personal, very novel, highly gloomy and much reminiscent of his earliest works.

The new series titled Silver Planet reflects the artist's agenda of his last three years and is basically a visual memory dump.  The title refers to silver grains, the main ingredient of the first step of his elaborate technique, devised for the project. The long and arduous process which jumps several times between chemistry, optics, electric, brushes, paint, water, sunlight, artificial light, artificial intelligence, will and chance, finally casts itself on paper as a mental representation, an imaginary memento of memorable times. 

The resulting language and the stories told comprise a mix of all visual paths the artist has ever pursued. Each is a blend of tastes and they show the way Çetin has decided to keep visual records of the scenes he has personally experienced. 
Stop 2014
Brittle plastic 2014
Where have all the frogs gone? 2014
Marble and rubber 2014
Breathless 2014
Sterile 2014
Dusty laughter 2014