2008-2011 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul
Computer Aided Art & Design Department, Postgraduate2001-2006 Istanbul University
Department of Conservation and Restoration of Portable Cultural Assets, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey


2020 Human, how strange, so vulgar, such a masterpiece and yet so primitive
SANATORIUM, Istanbul2018 Getting Away With It (All Messed Up), DISPLAY
Berlin, Germany2016 Life Is What Happens To You While You Are Busy Watching Cute Cat Videos
Gaia Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey2013 WE ARE ACCIDENTS WAITING TO HAPPEN
49A, Izmir, Turkey2011 I’M SORRY, BECAUSE I DANCE
De Kijkdoos - Amsterdam, Netherlands


2022 On A Beam of Light
Curated by Begüm Güney. Taksim Sanat, Istanbul2022 The Arts of One World
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada2022 Oeuvre and Grace
curated by Derya Yücel, Erimtan Art and Archeology Museum, Ankara2020 Crystal Clear
curated by Elena Sorokina, Pera Museum2020 The world forgetting, by the world forgot
with Niklas Goldbach, Monitor İzmir (Online)2019 Ubiquitous Surfaces
curated Rita Aktay, Open Space, Seager Gallery, London2019 Fragments of a Hologram Rose
curated by Luz Blanco & Ludovic Bernhardt SANATORIUM, Istanbul, Turkey2018 Anger is a solution, if anger means kittens
D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig, Germany2018 A Future of Archive
Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands2018 A Future of Travel: Journey of the Artwork
Noks Independent Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey2018 99Square
ART ON, Istanbul, Turkey2018 Tesbihte Hata Olmaz
Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey2018 A New World
METU Culture and Convention Center, Ankara, Turkey2018 Sweet Little Lies
Curator: Marcus Graf, Plato Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey2017 A Theory of the Present
Gaia Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey2017 Me and You
5533, Istanbul, Turkey2017 Akbank Contemporary Artists Prize Exhibition
Aksanat, Istanbul, Turkey2017 The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas
44a Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey2017 Black Utopia
TUYAP, Istanbul, Turkey2017 Sosyomanya
Curator: Özlem İnay Erten, Bozlu Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey2017 The Fragility of Now
42 Maslak Art!Space, Istanbul, Turkey2016 A MYSTICAL STAIRCASE
@ www.63rd77thsteps.com2016 Touch Base
Mindscape Universe, Berlin, Germany2016 Civilization and Its Discontents
Ins, Istanbul, Turkey2016 Her Havuzun Dibi Aynı
as B.I.T Collective, Çetin Emeç Art Gallery, Izmir, Turkey2015 Bring Your Own Beamer
Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey2015 Formless: Fluid Reality in New Media Art
Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia2015 Post Internet is Dead
Fisher Gallery, Ohio, USA2015 Free Things
STCFTHOTS, Leeds, United Kingdom2014 Stay with me
Apartment Project, Berlin, Germany2014 Artists Pick Artists
ArtSumer Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey2014 The Spirit of Paper
ALAN Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey2013 Coup de Ville - Attracted by Another Level
Curated by Stef Van Bellingen, St. Niklaas, Belgium2013 ...With All the Changes that Loomed Far Behind the Horizon
Mars Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey2013 Untold Unwritten: Fourth Show
Curated by Necmi Sönmez, Borusan Music House, Istanbul, Turkey2012 Young/Fresh/Different III
CDA Projects, Istanbul, Turkey2012 In the Irregular Topography of the Mind
Cite Roumelie, Istanbul, Turkey2012 Global Village
Curated by Jeroen van Paassen, Projekt 072 Alkmaar (NL), Kulturhuset Bronden - Brondby (DNK) 2012 What I Love: The Third Show
Curated by Necmi Sönmez, Borusan Music House - Istanbul, Turkey2012 In Several Aspects
Halka Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey2011 An Exchange
With Sol Lewitt, Curated by Regine Basha, Cabinet, New York, USA2011 Agency of Unrealized Projects
Organized by e-flux, Kopfbau, Basel, Switzerland2011 Update
Curated by Derya Yücel, Hayaka Artı, Istanbul, Turkey2011 Papergirl Istanbul
Milk Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey2011 Kargasa 11
KargART, Istanbul, Turkey2011 My Everyday Object: One Object, One Postcard
Polifemo - Milano, Italy2011 Even My Mum Can Make A Book #2
Apartment Project, Istanbul, Turkey2011 Artbeat Istanbul/Project Space
Lütfi Kırdar Convention & Exhibition Center, Istanbul, Turkey2010 Nuit Blanche des Petits
Centquatre-Paris, France2010 "Lives and Works in Istanbul" Project
Curated by Beral Madra, Sanat Limanı, Istanbul, Turkey2010 Feldstärke International - Agora 2010
CENTQUATRE - Paris (FR), PACT Zollverein - Essen (DE), Kadırga Arts Production Center, Istanbul, Turkey2010 8. Korea-Turkey Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition
MKM, Istanbul, Turkey2009 City and Art Project
Malmö K3 University, Krets Art Gallery - Malmö (SE), Tophane-i Amire Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey


2017 Gastatelier des Landes Nordrhein Westfalen
Düsseldorf, Germany2016 Life Is What Happens To You While You Are Busy Watching Cute Cat Videos
Gaia Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey2014 Cite Internationale des Arts
Paris, France2011-2013 Borusan Art Center
Istanbul, Turkey2012 In the Irregular Topography of the Mind
Rumeli Han, Istanbul, Turkey


2023 Delfina Foundation
Delfina Foundation Residency Programme2017 Me and You
With Borga Kanturk, 5533, Istanbul, Turkey2017 On Collecting
With Borga Kanturk, 5533, Istanbul, Turkey2013 On Artistic Practices
IO Non-Profit Space, Izmir, Turkey2013 International Artist Village
C-Mine, Genk, Belgium