Kerem Ozan Bayraktar


Kerem Ozan Bayraktar's work centers around establishing physical and conceptual environments. Using digital visualizations, photographs, animations, models, everyday objects, texts and graphics, Bayraktar focuses on the behavior of natural and artificial systems, their occlusion points, boundaries, collapses, mutations, and how we make sense of them. These systems consist of organizations ranging from spontaneous urban plants to exoplanets, which are quite different in terms of content but have similar systemic principles.

Bayraktar recently participated in the "Berlin Senate Residency Program" and the "Istanbul Biennial Production and Research Programme". Previous to his latest solo exhibition "Rocks and Winds, Germs and Words" (2019, Sanatorium), he had opened six solo shows. Some of the group projects that the artist participated in 2019 include: "Ubiquitous Surfaces" (2019, Seager Gallery, London), "The Sound of No-one Listening" (2019, The Corridor Art Space, Amsterdam), "Openhaus" (2019, ZK/U, Berlin), "Istanbul Biennial Digestion Program" (2019, MSFAU, Istanbul), "flesh and bone" (2019, Operation Room, Istanbul).

After completing his Master's degree and Proficiency in Arts at Marmara University Fine Arts Institute, Bayraktar teaches courses on digital images, art theory, photography and print-making techniques at various institutions, writes about art and makes presentations for various platforms.

Bayraktar lives in Istanbul, and continues to work at SAHA Studio.