Ludovic Bernhardt


Ludovic Bernhardt’s solo exhibition draws attention to visual rituals of our post- industrial society. Medicines and pills packaging, military codes, fictional maps, yantra diagrams, mandalas and other objects are used as signs which bio-politically infiltrate our daily life.

Bernhardt says that his aim is to combine various objects and signs; signs which politically frame the life of the ‘one-dimensional man’, through the subtraction of material traces. He considers these pieces as ‘psycho-objects’ which use a variety of mediums such as light installation, liquid soap boxes, pseudo-mystical posters. According to the artist, the important question that is essential to his work is, “How can an ultra-protective environment be connected with the political reality?”

The works in this exhibition were created following the reading of these books: "Theory of the drone"(Grégoire Chamayou, 2013), "Testo Junkie" (Beatriz Preciado, 2008) and the very marxist "Wars of the Global Empire" (Alain Joxe, 2013).

Preserve Democracy:

Ludovic Bernhardt’s works investigate specifically the relationship between art and bio-political environment. Preserve Democray aimes at drawing attention to our industrial warfare society in which our daily life is included. The aim is to combine some everyday and banal objects with signs which ‘frame’ politically our life. For these pieces, Bernhardt uses a variety of mediums: light installation, medicine bottles etc. according to the artist, one of the main important problematic which underlie his artworks, is the issue of how an ultra-protective and consumerist environment can be connected with the political reality. The title Preserve Democracy, related to the common idea (and slogan) that western countries are the world leaders of democracy and are fighting against non-democratic regimes, is clearly questionned by the display and manipulation of these objects and signs.

DRONES dresser:

16 drones names are applied on 16 standard plates. The drones, unmanned aerial vehicle made and used by the US army in the Middle East contemporary wars, and by numerous other countries, is becoming the Hi-tech tools of a new barbarian western remote-controlled domination, acting dangerously out of the conventional war rights. As control machine, man hunter and remote killing machine, their cryptic names are, in this piece, facing the domestic and banal aspect of the plates showed as pure decorative objects: both evocation of a war imperialism and expression of a banal and domestic environment. This series followed the reading of “Theory of the drone” book wrote by Grégoire Chamayou (2013) which analyse the recent transformation of wars leaded by the USA with their drones.


Preserve Democracy 2016
Preserve democracy (detail) 2016
DRONES dresser 2013