17 June 2023 - 29 July 2023

ARTIST Sergen Şehitoğlu

SANATORIUM hosts the exhibition titled 06.2023-35-exhibition between the dates June 17 - July 22, 2023, under the coordination of the artist Sergen Şehitoğlu, to which thirty-five participants dealing with visual arts have contributed with their works.

The exhibition consists of images of correspondences that the participants have carried out in the last six months on any one of the communication interfaces they use in daily life. All the participants, who have approximately the same occupation, have chosen from communication content they have created while experiencing similar conditions in a certain period of time. These conversations are exhibited in a definite and indeterminate arrangement in the exhibition.

Regardless of the subject matter of the correspondences, they somehow mark the period of high social and personal intensity between December 2022 and June 2023. These correspondences, which occurred within a span of six months, unveil the personal dialogues that transpired within a particular community during that time period, ultimately forming a political stance.

This exhibition is not a unique approach to the art world per se. In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of correspondence between people has increased thanks to digital communication tools. These correspondences not only mark a personal history but also bear witness to a social history. In this context, the exhibition shows how personal experiences are transformed into social experiences and, in doing so, draws attention to the impact of digital communication technologies on our lives.

It is also possible to find similar approaches in art history. For example, in the 1960s, the artists of the Fluxus movement brought art to everyday life and everyday objects, transforming elements of ordinary life into artworks. In this exhibition, digital correspondence, a communication tool frequently used in daily life, is transformed into artworks and the artists use this medium to address elements in ordinary life. (Generated by ChatGPT)

In the publication 06.2023-35-magazine, to be published in the same period as the exhibition, the content of the exhibition will be presented through the installation of a selected one out of potential sequences.

About the magazine:

This work is conceived as a medium through which artists-participants can realize their artistic attitudes.

The artists who produce content see the fact that the conditions of the physical spaces they (frequently) use to show their productions are not suitable for circulation as a factor in creating new productions, not as an obstacle to production.

The artists in this study see the spaces allocated to them as a production space.

This work is published in printed form every six months with various participants.

Sergen Şehitoğlu is the executive director of the magazine.

The graphic designs of the magazine were made by Özge Güven.

Participants in the magazine are re-determined for each issue.

The publication language is Turkish and English. It is produced in print, and the PDF version is circulated as open source.

Closure dimensions are 30 cm x 23 cm.

All content belongs to the “magazine” and the artists contributing with their works.