31 October 2012 - 01 December 2012

Stephan Kaluza’s new exhibition “Arkadienmaschine” is at Sanatorium :

German artist Stephan Kaluza’s second personal exhibition in Istanbul; “Arkadienmaschine” meets with art lovers at Sanatorium.  The exhibition is open to visitors between October 31 – December 1 and inspired from the concept of “Arcadia”. The term which is significant for humanity since Renaissance, is used to express an utopian place where there is no pain but only natural beauty, justice and freedom exists.

“Arkadienmaschine” project aims to portray this utopia, designed only to satify the human desires, as a conceivable and complex system. On one hand, with its images that are formed by the superposition of approximately 50 different frames , the exhibition serves this purpose,  on the other hand they reveal the human’s yearning for ideal. Approaching to the concept from this perspective “Arkadienmaschine” can be percieved as an irony but at the same time it carries the quality of being a research on the human condition.