Astronomy Picture Of The Day

18 May 2023 - 25 June 2023

ARTIST Yağız Özgen

SANATORIUM is pleased to present Yağız Özgen’s first solo exhibition in the USA, titled Astronomy Picture Of The Day, between May 18 - June 25, 2023, at DIANA NEW YORK. The exhibition presents Özgen’s art practice as a performative installation, dealing with the complex relationships between objects and symbols with the dimension of time.

For his first solo exhibition in New York, Özgen draws from an online archive titled "Astronomy Picture of the Day", which contains information about celestial bodies and events. Named after the online archive created by professional astronomers, the exhibition includes a single installation that presents Özgen’s approach to art in its most general form. This installation consists of a triptych painting done according to the structure of the exhibition space, labeled bags of paint that corresponding to the exact color areas in the painting, performative drawings depicting the stages of the act of painting, instructions to follow in order to paint, and units of measurement used to relate all these different objects.

The artist reconstructs Astronomy Picture Of The Day as an installation and a specific atmosphere spreading throughout the space with these objects that emerge during the act of picturing, depicting Özgen’s artistic approach as an outline. The exhibition can be visited between May 18 - June 25, 2023, from Thursday to Sunday, 12:00-6:00 pm.