Dream Logic

23 October 2018 - 02 December 2018

ARTIST Merve Şendil CURATOR Özgül Kılınçarslan
“Dream Logic” appears to be, at first sight, the togetherness of two contradicting or completely opposite concepts, whereas it is a key definition in order to open a space for contemplation concerning our faculty of visualization, intuitions and comprehension. The dream logic embraces our most primitive animal desires and our most sublime spiritual desires, our darkest fears and our brightest delights. In this way, it offers a range of experience and reality much broader than the one that is normally known to waking consciousness. In fact, the mind somehow reigns in our dreams but is not interested in the logic of the times when we are awake. However, reasoning and comprehension, and even social subconsciousness according to some thinkers, opens us the doors of other worlds by mingling with emotions and memories.

Merve Şendil’s new solo exhibition “Dream Logic” invites us to look at the reality of a pink polar bear in order to remember the best and the most challenging points of view as well as the otherness of imaginations coming from another planet. While the works in the exhibition build together the dreaming person and the world of the dreaming person, they momentarily estrange the images that seem to be familiar to the audience and allow to develop a network of interaction with them. It makes a suggestion concerning the mind extending beyond rational analysis in order to reach other ways of knowing. While the artist makes a journey towards the winding depths of collective consciousness with the pictorial images that she produces by means of mathematical and delicate colour transitions, she deals with modern formal logic together with dream logic in her installation where she narrates the adventures of a yellow ball.