Floating Images

10 June 2022 - 06 August 2022

ARTIST Luz Blanco
SANATORIUM presents Luz Blanco’s third solo show in the gallery Floating Images between the dates June 10, 2022 - July 23, 2022. In Floating Images, Luz Blanco questions the flow of images: how they are born, multiply, transform and disappear in the digital networks, and the situation of memory-images.

For more than ten years, Luz Blanco has been developing an exploration of memory and forgetfulness. In her new body of works presented in this exhibition, the artist prints her digital images on silk and paper; finds their material manifestations, while confronting us with their disappearance. The artworks merge with possibilities of memory they convey in an unclear interval as ghost-images. In two key moments, between emergence and eclipse, Blanco projects the images into a space they occupy as specters finding a form of hauntology*: their anonymous digital material brings out snatches of subjectivity linked to elements of the artist's biography by accident. The memory invoked here is residual though real. It is an activity of germination and mediation, as a trace that nourishes the present. Games of interferences and mixing meld into the permanent flow as a suspension of time.  
Luz Blanco’s exhibition is embedded in a redefinition of the mnemonic specters that haunt the digital space shaping our environment: a world of floating images.

* Hauntology: neologism invented by the philosopher Jacques Derrida which refers to the notion of a trace both visible and invisible, from the past, and which haunts the present as in the manner of a ghost. The return of elements from the social or cultural past. The nature of this trace can also turn out to be immaterial.