Future Looms

06 November 2020 - 27 December 2020

ARTIST Eda Sütunç

Eda Sütunç's exhibition explores the essence of human nature in today's mechanical world and the characteristics we will inherently be carrying over to the robotic age. By leveraging our past, present and future relationship with technology, the artist suggests a more fluid state of mind. In striving for perfection at the dichotomy of human vs machine, the artist displays a mechanical process and delves deeper into the concept of embedded dualities in Western humanist thinking.

The exhibition highlights the importance of weaving as a catalyst for inventing computers and the industrial revolution. On a more contextual note, weaving is associated with women. The motifs found on traditional kilim rugs woven by women in central Anatolia, reveal the prevailing culture and family structure of the region. In order to re-envision the existing dichotomies, the artist interprets the patriarchal and traditional motifs by using new technologies and weaves speculative myths.

About the artist:

Eda Sütunç (1992) received her BA from Koc University and completed her MFA degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with dean's scholarship.  By leveraging developing technologies and modern tools inspired by the ideals of industrialization and mechanization, she explores the meaning of gender, culture, race and humanism. The unique use of different mediums in her work aims to foster a dialogue across performance art, video, sculpture and sound. In 2017, Eda won the second prize in Celeste Prize in UK. Her work has been part of exhibitions in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Serbia, Turkey and in the United States and has found place in different collections. She currently resides in Istanbul and holds teaching positions with leading institutions and universities in Turkey and is pursuing a Phd in Communication at Kadir Has University.