I Watched It As It Disapeared On The Horizon

11 December 2012 - 19 January 2013

In her exhibition, “I Watched It As It Disappeared on the Horizon”, Sevil Tunaboylu shares the process of reaching definitions of masculinity and femininity within the domestic settings and society at large, beginning from her personal life.  From the way the artist approaches the subject, it’s possible to recognize the encounters between her memories of daily, family life that have been buried in her memory and her current identity. During this encounter, memory serves the purpose of contrasting the mature individual’s present attitudes, while, at the same time, retaining the qualities of recollection.
I hear the phrase “First Serve the Men” quite a lot since my childhood. It usually comes out of the mouth of the woman who gives the plates to the girl who will serve the food to the table in family unions. Nowadays, I don’t hear it that often.  
“The reason behind is that while our “elders” who grew up with the tradition to become “servant” are passing away one by one, their daughters are trying to adapt to modern urban life and either with a conscious or unconscious dissention, they start to question their rights by considering their status within family.”