30 October 2014 - 29 November 2014

ARTIST Sıtkı Kösemen

Through Sıtkı Kösemen’s photography one is able to see, make note of the social stories and realities hidden behind the portraits and landscapes framed. 

Mainly focusing on individuals and their respective stories, the artist narrates each individual’s existential situation and her relationship with the environment from a sociological perspective. 

Kösemen, previously dealt with issues such as young people’s identity problems and their future anxieties, the status of women in our society,now not only aims to reflect the very same people’s struggles against social policies but also attempts catching the narration; not the moment, and expose the viewer to what is happening around. 

In his new project called ‘Invisible’, Kösemen draws attention to the density of images and objects subjugating us all and highlights the role of an individual’s will and perception in a notably mysterious and cinematographic style of expression. 

In his non fictional photographs, the focus is firmly put on the pressure over the society, the violence and the prejudices accompanying; these impress the viewers as if they were fictional stories rather than visual distractions, or mysteries over the political, economic and cultural norms and objection.