Lucky Incident

15 January 2015 - 14 February 2015

Lyon based Handan Figen will be opening her second solo exhibition in Turkey at SANATORIUM. In addition to her drawings combining watercolour and pencil drawing that we have seen on her previous show, the artist uses installation and video techniques in order to make the visitors attract to details of drawing process.
For Figen, who uses pencil drawing to interpret the stains of watercolour and ink occurring as “Lucky Incident”, it is very important to present an artwork’s phases before it is finalised. Coincidences and incidents are not only allowed in Figen’s works, but also they are moved into the origin of the drawings so that the artist can push both her imagination limits and also visitors’.
The artist will make us experience the drawing by almost all five senses through a piece of installation which will spread to one storey of the exhibition space. Thus, she questions the drawing action and the process, being inspired by a passage from the letters which Vincent Van Gogh, nonesuch in the history of art, wrote to his brother.
Handan Figen: Born in Istanbul, Handan Figen began her art education at Parsons Paris School of Design and Arts, following her masters at National School of Fine Arts Paris. In 2010, her last year of education, Figen was granted the award of “Prix Verdaguer” by French Institute. Having her first solo exhibition at Istanbul Artcore Space in 2012, the artist has also participated several group shows, art fairs and auctions in Istanbul, Munich, Hong-Kong and London.