07 December 2018 - 13 January 2019

ARTIST Erol Eskici
Erol Eskici’s fourth solo exhibition “Stratigrapher” to be held between December 7, 2018 – January 13, 2019 in SANATORIUM consists of works that the artist started to produce in 2014 by researching the science of geology. The artist created the series of paintings by focusing on the research areas and subclassifications of geology’s subbranches ‘stratigraphy and sedimentology’ and by sticking to the principles of physical formations. In this respect, the works consist of an upper series in accordance with the mechanics of classification as well as the subparts that stratify and intertwine accordingly.
Focusing on the correlation between layers, topographies, segments, inner spaces and architectures, Eskici sets up the exhibition according to this pattern. In addition to that, he focuses on visual forms brought about by various interrelated visualization techniques such as surfaces, remote sensing technologies, cartographic indicators and aerial photography (hyperspectral, panchromatic etc.)

What is statigraphy? 
The primary aim of stratigraphy is to illuminate geologic history by studying the features and sequences of rocks. The geologist working in the field classifies some lithostratigraphic units according to the lithological features of the rocks, notes their bounderies on the map and takes samples such as fossils, rocks, minerals from these units. After analyzing the samples in the laboratory, the geologist interprets the age and the formation environment of the units defined in the field. After the lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic units are defined, the counterparts of the chronostratigraphic units are found on the geology column and new chronostratigraphic units are determined by taking geological events into consideration. In the end, first a regional and then a worldwide geochronology (geological age) scale is prepared by correlating chronostratigraphic units.

What is sedimentalogy? 
It is the field of science that studies the processes and products of decomposition, disintegration, transportation, sedimentation and re-petrification of the substance in the interface between the earth sphere and the liquid (water and air) spheres surrounding it. In other words, sedimentology is a field of science about the classifications of the features, formation, structures and textures of sedimentary rocks and their benefits for human beings.
The publications of the stratigraphy institution of Turkey and Asst. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bozcu’s publications were referred for the definitions.
About the artist:
Born in 1984, Hakkari, he graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Painting Department. He opened three solo shows, “Low Voltage-High Damage” (2010), “Lost Frequency” (2011)  in Mac Art Gallery Istanbul and “Nostomania” in SANATORIUM. He participated in many group exhibitions such as “Sanctity and Despotism of Progress” (Alan İstanbul, 2013), “Unhappy Ready -Made” (KUAD Gallery, 2014), “Where Am I?” (Kare Art Gallery, 2014), “Sublime” (SANATORIUM, 2014), “Home” (Evliyagil Museum, 2017). Eskici lives and works in Cologne.