The Wall

12 January 2017 - 18 February 2017

ARTIST Sinan Bökesoy
A wall is the simplest architectural element separating two spaces, creating an inclosure and disclosure. It keeps information and space under control, like a firewall. It also conceals events and points to isolation, a potential of an authority. As any other architectural entity, walls create the sound space acoustics. So any information hitting towards / going through a wall will inevitably be altered. 

By using soundscapes played through simulated wall acoustics and transparency, the installation augments this natural behaviour and becomes a tool for the concretisation of the invisible walls between people, events, communities and hidden facts. These become alive as an audio documentation. The visitor will experience the physical installation space through the embedded interactions of a defined sonic territory from both sides of a wall. 

About the two installations in the gallery:

“The Gardens” presents two isolated spaces constructed/formed/delimited by walls, one built by force, and the other one built deliberately.

“The Proximity” presents two war scenes divided by a wall. 

How to visit : The visitor will hold the iPhone/iPad in its portrait orientation, put on the headphones while running the app developed for this installation, and move in each installation space. Each space employs a wall / walls with the interactive installation components mounted on it and the ceiling. This way, the visitors movements and orientation in the space and along the wall dimensions will trigger a 3D interactive soundscape.