The second issue of the magazine which the first issue was published on 06.2020, published on 12.2020 under the curation of Yağız Özgen and with the participation of 8 artists. In this issue of the “magazine”, which is a medium with the participation of artists, as an artist Yağız Özgen created the conceptual framework and took responsibility for the content of the magazine. In the second issue of this journal, which, besides being independent of hierarchical organizations, does not form a hierarchical organization itself, I undertook only the executive role. Özgen, on the other hand, showed his positive approach to this project with 6 months of intensive work. The responsibility the artist fulfills in this issue of the magazine offers an alternative method to the “magazine” for future issues. “Magazine”, which is a medium realized by the participation of artists, reveals its artistic approach dynamically by making it continuously. The magazine realizes this art approach, which it continuously develops, every 6 months as an alternative medium to established structures.

Sergen Şehitoğlu