The fourth issue of the magazine was published on 12.2021 under the curatorship of Ulya Soley and with the participation of 15
artists. Ulya Soley approached the magazine as a platform where she can realize her dream and turned this approach into a personal narrative together with the participants. The topics regarding sharing private life and turning it into a public structure, questioning the concepts of both subjective and public privacy during this transition, and the transformation of a printed publication into a medium which enables the permanence of these questionings separate this issue of the magazine from the previous issues. Believing in the effort of the magazine to try to stay out of hierarchical structures and to create a permanent medium for presenting ideas, Ulya Soley expanded the repertory of the magazine with her participation. This expansion has paved the way for exciting works for the magazine’s following issues as well. Creating its own structure together with the productions of the participants, the magazine has left a two-years publication period behind with its fourth issue. Despite all its template setup, the magazine tries to create a dynamic structure and realizes its approach to art every 6 months together with the works produced by the participants.

Sergen Şehitoğlu