Berkay Tuncay - The Making Of: 'Human, How Strange..'

The Making Of: 'Human, How Strange...', the documentary showing the installation process of Berkay Tuncay's solo exhibition entitled "Human, how strange, so vulgar, such a masterpiece and yet so primitive" will be streamed on SANATORIUM’s YouTube channel on July 4, 18:00 with the support of Netherlands consulate-general in Istanbul. After the first screening of the documentary, the video work "Poems from Instant Messaging" featured in the exhibition will be streamed. You can watch the streaming through this link:

In the documentary, Berkay Tuncay explains the conceptual framework of the exhibition and talks about the process before and during the installation. In addition, Nynke Norberhuis, who performs ASMR in the ''Poems from Instant Messaging'' video at the center of the exhibition, conveys the production process of the work through her own experience.