INVERSION - Ludovic Bernhardt: An incisive point of view on the cultural life in Middle East

Ludovic Bernhardt An incisive point of view on the cultural life in Middle East. Deniz Agden, a young Turkish artist, doesn’t give news anymore for three days. Mohamed, French artist based in Istanbul, is intrigued by the mysterious disappearance. Trying to understand why, he takes us on a journey rich in details to the Istanbul’s art world and cultural life. Through art galleries, parties, bars, and Art Fairs in Dubai and Istanbul, the alter ego of Ludovic Bernhardt finds himself immersed in the political, economic and religious contemporary Turkish society. A keen observer of this “society of the spectacle”, he provides an overview of issues facing the globalized youth in Istanbul and brings a poignant look into the art system.

Ludovic Bernhardt, graduate of Le Fresnoy contemporary Studio and Duperré High school of art in Paris, lived in Turkey and Portugal and recently moved to France. His artistic work, exhibited by the Sanatorium gallery, explores questions related to political philosophy. In parallel of his art, he writes novels and experimental texts.

Publisher : Gravitons éditions

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