SANATORIUM is happy to announce a new annual program, SANATORIUM Spring Call: Invitation for Independent Art Organizations. Through this invitation, SANATORIUM will share its exhibition space in the Juma building with art organizations, artist collectives, and initiatives across Turkey with the aim of sharing the resources and creating a support structure. 


SANATORIUM’s Spring Call: Invitation for Independent Art Organizations will participate in launching young art organizations by providing four things: 


1. Physical exhibition space in the Juma building

2. Guidance and experience in exhibition-making 

3. Financial support for production and expenses 

4. Communication 


Originated as an artists’ run space in 2010, SANATORIUM evolved into a gallery later on, it has had the opportunity to participate in many national and international fairs, as well as curated group exhibitions. One of the main missions of the gallery is to serve as a platform that offers space for thinking and research. With this in mind, by providing a space and support mechanisms for independent arts organizations, this invitation encourages emerging artists, writers, and curators from Turkey. Through SANATORIUM Spring Call, we aim to expand the reach of Independent Art Organizations work and perspectives within the contemporary art scene of Istanbul, and abroad. This year Mari Spirito, Executive Director, Curator of Protocinema, will serve as a juror to select one qualified proposal and provide guidance for one art initiative to realize its exhibition for the inauguration of SANATORIUM’s Spring Call: Invitation for Independent Art Organizations. 


Applications are due by July 17, 2022 and the result will be announced August 30, 2022. As a part of the application process, on May 28, 2022, an online meeting will be held with all interested applicants, Mari Spirito and the SANATORIUM team to discuss all concerns and questions. This conversation will cover the application process itself, as well as the development and sustainability of art organizations.


The selected exhibition proposal will be presented in SANATORIUM’s space in the Juma building, Karaköy, Istanbul in March-April 2023. As a result of Spring Call, SANATORIUM would like to contribute to organizations' development, deepen their research, and open up to additional audiences and discourse. 


As there is a growing interest in the art field on the inner workings of gaining support from granting organizations, international foundations, and direct patronage, SANATORIUM Spring Call serves as an early playing field to exercise this way of gaining support. The spirit of sharing resources, collaboration, and being forthcoming with knowledge and relationships are at the heart of this endeavor. To this end, SANATORIUM will allocate a budget for this annual exhibition, according to the needs of the selected proposal.


Application Terms:


1- Applicants must be independent or artist-run art spaces based in Turkey.

2- Art organizations do not have a physical space but have carried out various projects can apply.

3- Applicants must have experience in making exhibitions and supporting artists’ production process, including research.

4- The following required documents must be shared with SANATORIUM until the end of the day, July 17, 2022.


Timeline of Deadlines:

Announcement of the Call: April 19, 2022

Zoom Meeting: May 28, 2022 Saturday

Applications Deadline: July 17, 2022

Announcement of Recipient: August 30, 2022

Exhibition dates: March-April 2023


Please submit end the following materials to info@sanatorium.com.tr with the title Application ‘‘Organization Name’’ | SANATORIUM Spring Call


For any questions, please contact Melih Aydemir via this e-mail address: melih@sanatorium.com.tr:


1. About Initiative: max. 500 words 


Filename: About_InitiativeName (.pdf), max 2MB


Short text describing the initiative's working practice and research topics.


2. Past Projects: max. 2 pages


Filename: PastWorks_InitiativeName (.pdf), max 2MB


A file of up to 2  pages long containing the past work of the initiative.


3. Project Text: max. 1 page


Filename: ProjectText_InitiativeName (.pdf), max 2MB


An A4 length text describing  1. Concept and Ideas of exhibition and 2. Logistics and Technical aspects of the proposed exhibition. 


4. Possible Participants List: max. 1 page for each artist


File Name: Participants_InitiativeName (.pdf), max 2MB


One page for each artist containing brief information and hyperlink to images about the artists, researchers and curators planned to be included in the exhibition. (This list may change during the process, this file is required to get to know the initiative's collaborators.)


5. Proposed Budget: max. 1 page for each artist


File Name: Bugdet_InitiativeName (.pdf), max 2MB


Line items of all expected estimated costs, one-page max


6. Timeline: max. 1 page for each artist, max 2MB


Timeline of artwork production and overall exhibition preparation, one-page max.


Thank you for applying to SANATORIUM’s spring call for independent art organizations. We are looking forward to learning about your work!